29th Sep 2015

Leo Burnett’s Young Creatives Shine at Spikes Asia 2015’s Young Spikes Competition

Two weeks following the conclusion of the Spikes Asia Festival in Singapore, where Leo Burnett Asia Pacific shot up the ranks to be named the number two creative network of the year, we turn the spotlight on our award-winning young creatives from Malaysia, who clinched the gold award in the integrated category of this year’s Young Spikes Competition.

Leo Burnett’s Young Creatives Shine at Spikes Asia 2015’s Young Spikes Competition

The Gold-winning idea—to encourage young Singaporean students to fundraise for WWF—by the Malaysian LB team comprising of David HK Tan and Simon Dall was titled “WWF Truth or Dare”, based off the popular game among millennials. The overall concept of the idea would see the Singaporean public ‘daring’ the students for a good cause, with each completed ‘dare’ generating donations to WWF.

This year, a total of 40 teams participated in the Young Spikes Competition—18 in the Integrated Competition, 8 in the Media Competition and 14 in the Digital Competition. The Young Spikes Integrated Competition is an exciting two-day challenge that takes place during the Spikes Asia Festival. It gives participants the chance to gain recognition within the industry and to make their mark across Asia Pacific. Teams of two must create an integrated campaign in response to a brief set by a charity or non-profit organisation, whose name, objectives, strategies and target audience are kept secret until the competition briefing session.

We asked David and Simon about their experience at the Young Spikes Competition. Here is what they shared with us:

What were the key things you took away from taking part in the Young Spikes Competition this year?

David: One of the seminars hosted by a Japanese team was really good. The key take out was: always create a "No Way" idea, because a "No Way" idea leads to a new idea.

Simon: Young Spikes are important, but don't waste your opportunity to meet and hear from other great creatives. We took calculated breaks between brainstorms to go for interesting seminars and to meet fellow creatives.

Cracking an idea, let alone a winning idea, within that short time frame is incredible. How did you guys do it?

David: Insight is the key of every campaign. We spent most of our time researching and finding the right insight for the target audience. Once we had that insight, we kept throwing ideas around it. Each silly idea could spark something.

Simon: Research will help give you the edge against your competitors. Although it's quite dry, you can really uncover great insights, turning your idea into a big idea.

What advice would you give future young creatives who are looking to join next year's Young Spikes Competition?

David: Just be yourself when doing creative work. Put the awards aside and focus on creating good work. Crack the insight first and work around it.

Simon: Really understand your target audience. That's the people you're making the campaign for. You'll know you're onto a great idea when ideas on how it will work in different mediums start to flow freely. Also, put some time into practising your presentation. When you've only been given five minutes to get your idea across, you can't afford to stumble.