100% Malaysian Close

Aug 2019

100% Malaysian

Despite 62 years of independence, minority ethnicities are still being branded as “pendatangs”. But what if there's a way to prove our heritage through DNA?

Deria Takbir Close

Jun 2019

Deria Takbir

Around the world, the Takbir Raya is a symbolic celebratory recitation by Muslims on Hari Raya yet more than 44,000 deaf Malaysians are not able to experience it. Here's how Maxis used technology to help facilitate inclusivity.

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#iChanged Close

May 2019


The Samsung #iChanged campaign was launched with the aim to inspire people from all walks of life through the Galaxy S10. The campaign showcases real-life stories of change and how it empowers their lives through more meaningful experiences.

Icons Meet Icons Close

May 2019

Icons Meet Icons

As part of a localization strategy, we hyper-personalized our billboards across Malaysia to celebrate the unique and iconic cultural flavor of each state through our iconic food items.

Moving away from one-size-fits-all-Malaysia marketing, into hyper-localized advertising that touches the hearts of each state’s local community.

The Galaxy Space Launch Close

Mar 2019

The Galaxy Space Launch

Smartphone camera technology has evolved drastically, but the demonstration of them has never changed. With its 4K broadcast-ready camera, Samsung wanted to do something different and set out to show the world what the Galaxy S10 can do by capturing 4K images of Earth from space.

A novel idea: Cross-selling genres

Dec 2018

A novel idea: Cross-selling genres

In conjunction with the launch of their flagship store, BookXcess encouraged readers to explore genres that go beyond their usual reading list, and in doing so, discover new and lesser-known books to broaden their knowledge.

#BigMacTikTok Challenge Close

Oct 2018

#BigMacTikTok Challenge

There is a war for attention. And Malaysian Millennials are at the center of it. So instead of creating ads that would get lost in a clutter of content or eventually skipped, we created a 15-second micro dance challenge using the Big Mac Chant as a connector and TikTok as a platform. It's the ultimate social weapon to engage and excite an audience with a short attention span.

The Investigation Close

Jul 2018

The Investigation

A top-notch detective duo arrive at a well-to-do home to investigate a burglary. Strangely however, it appears that nothing has been stolen. Hmm...